Monday, October 3, 2011

The Cost of CW Beauty Standards Part II

To be considered decent, the American woman must not leave the home without: showering, styling her hair, applying sunscreen/lotion, and makeup. Let’s not get into coordinating outfits and accessories, because I’m not so great at that nor do I want to be. After all, we do need clothes (usually), but we don’t need everything mentioned above. 

According to the Daily Mail, "1 in 3 women will not leave the house without a full face of makeup on and 1 in 2 women prefer wearing makeup rather than going out bare faced." 

A survey done in the UK found that on average "...women spend 330 days of their lives applying makeup."

Let’s break down the cost of the products most women use daily (concealer, mascara, and a touch of lipstick/lip-gloss) that you would find at a local drugstore/makeup department. Low end and higher end: 

Average cost for Cover Girl, Maybelline, and Revlon:




Total Annual Cost (Quarterly purchases)

Average cost for Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Sephora:




Total Annual Cost (Quarterly purchases)

Please notice the word average. These cost breakdowns will vary based on your location and how much product you apply. It also only contains the “bare essentials,” excluding eye shadow, eye/lip liner, blush, and instruments to apply the products.

Save money by going Paleo/Primal
Here is where you can save money by incorporating more Paleo/Primal choices in your life. Cut back on applying makeup to weekdays or special events. If you don’t feel like wearing makeup, then don’t. Save the time and money for play, cooking, spending time with family/friends or tackling something you’ve put on the back burner.

Many people that first try the Paleo/Primal lifestyle often complain about the cost for food. Well, that food contains nutrients and vitamins that we need to be healthy. You are what you eat. If you are giving your body nutrient dense calories you will see the benefits through weight loss, glowing skin, strong/thick hair, strong nails and teeth. You will not need as much makeup/skin/hair products because you are naturally enhancing your beauty through a healthy diet. Less products = More $. Not to mention the health care bills you will incur later on (Diabetes II, Hypertension, medications, etc) with an unhealthy diet. 

Lately, I’ve been leaving the house with less makeup (if any), not using skin care products (tap water rinse), and  running a brush through my hair and the world seems fine with it. 

Have you cut back on the number of products you use regularly?  Have you seen your natural beauty emerge by going Paleo/Primal?