Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paleo for One Please

I’d like to start this post off giving kudos to anyone out there that is single or lives alone and practices the paleo/primal lifestyle successfully. 

Back story: My husband has been completing his pediatric until round in another town (couple hours from home) for the past 4 days this week and I have learned that it is difficult to cook for one person. Especially if you are a lazy person. 

While driving home from work I realize how easy it would be to just grab a quick Chinese take-out dinner…'s on the way...warning Will Robinson! Warning! Think of the carbs/msg/nastiness! 

Devil on left shoulder: Yes, but you don’t eat out often and you could go right back to 100% primal.
Angel on right shoulder: No – go to the grocery store and you can treat yourself to a little Hagen Das instead of that take-out “food.”
Krista: Well….Okay. *rushes off to the store*

I literally argued with myself for a good 5 minutes, but I made it to the store and treated myself a bit. The smoked salmon looked great, a little prosciutto, couple figs, a fine cheese, some wine….hey this isn’t so bad. What was I thinking earlier?! This is a ready to eat delicious mix of primal goodness that would last me a couple dinners. 

Made a quick batch of Hell-O it’s not Jell-O for dessert to go with my BBQ brisket and dark greens (leftovers from weekend).

Ate amazing leftovers from Monday. Food that good shouldn't be called leftovers. What do you think of free previous food= F.P.F.? Spread the word.

Hubby is coming home so I will throw together a pork loin with broiled zucchini. 

Lessons learned:
If you are cooking for one, make a large meal over the weekend to finish for F.P.F. during the week. 

Keep it simple. Buy food that can be easily prepared (rotisserie chicken, salmon, breakfast, etc).

Make one of your favorite meals. You'll enjoy it more than any old fast "food."

Have a glass of wine. Turn on some music or a cooking show. That makes cooking more exciting and enjoyable.

There is little motivation to cook an elaborate meal for yourself when you have other things to get done.