Hey there! If you have clicked on this page it means you are more interested in learning more about the individual that writes The Paleo Lifestyle blog. For that, I’m surprised but thank you for having the interest!

Mini Biography

My name is Krista and I have been seriously Primal since June 25, 2011. *Hi Krista* (Or was I the only one who thought that after reading the first sentence?). I live in the Midwest with my husband, Mark, and puppy pug, Gizmo. Mark is in Medical School and yes, I do drive him nuts with loads of Paleo questions and research regarding health and fitness. Gizmo, however, loves all of the extra walks and sprints we do around the neighborhood. They both fully support Paleo and we are all benefitting from the lifestyle. 

5 Things to Know About Me
  1. I work in research administration at a University
  2. Love to cook and create new recipes
  3. Wish I could travel and read more
  4. 'Slightly' obsessed with The Real Housewives reality shows
  5. Enjoy my time most when it is with friends and family

If you ever have any questions on Paleo/Primal or need to complain about a reality housewife – shoot me an email

I’m also interested in knowing what you want to see me blog about. Do you want more recipes, more real life experiences, more tips/tricks? Let me know or I’m going to keep shooting in the dark. :)

Thanks for stopping by!