Tuesday, October 11, 2011

80/20 Deconstructed

The 80/20 Primal rule might be the most ambiguous to follow. Why? It seems pretty simple, right? Well, 80/20 means something different to everyone: whether you are new to Paleo/Primal or have done it for years, or whether you allow yourself dairy, alcohol, chocolate, and carb concentrated foods or not. From what I’ve read around the web 80/20 is as unique as the individual. 

For Beginners
It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. In the first 1-2 weeks of implementing the Paleo/Primal diet into your lifestyle the carb cravings can be very intense. Some need the piece of dark chocolate to satisfy the after dinner sweet tooth or others want that glass of wine while relaxing to unwind from the day. It is a "cheat" to look forward to until your body adjusts to less crapola (i.e. grains) circulating through the pipes on a regular basis.

For Intermediary
It’s a treat. Whether you’re going out with friends for pizza or having cake on your birthday, you become more of a food snob with what you waste your carbs on and make the most of it! No more Hy-Vee Chinese, instead you upgrade your carb-load to P.F. Chang’s if you are going to splurge and feel icky (technical term) later.

For Experienced 
Only when necessary, if at all. These are folks that have stuck with Paleo/Primal for the long haul and have felt the amazing results. If they eat a cookie, they feel awful after and they no longer desire the sugar bomb. There are veterans that follow the diet strictly and either cut out 80/20 or make it 95/5. Eating clean feels so great, why would you want to subject yourself to a carb crave, nightmares, or aches and pains

I’m definitely in the Intermediary stage. After I eat grains or load up on carbs, like clockwork, my stomach is ready to take me out back and give me a good wallop. Where do you fit in?