Monday, October 31, 2011

How I lost 20lbs and kept it off

You want to know what works. You want to know the fastest way to get your desired results. Krista, how did you really lose 20 pounds and keep it off? What's your secret? These are the questions I get asked most often so I decided to write a post on it.

3 required actions to get real results

  1. The first thing I did was get in the right mindset. Truly. I did my homework on the Primal lifestyle and I knew what to expect. I knew not to count calories, but carbs. I knew not to count mistakes, but successes. I also knew to ignore the scale and instead watched my clothes fit better. Getting in the right mindset is one of the top reasons people have a hard time sticking to a "diet." 
  2. Low carb. Low carb. Low carb. Get the point? For the first 6 weeks I ate strictly Primal in the lowest carb intake phase (ketosis and accelerated fat burning stage). I ate as close to 0 carbs a day that I could, my number was usually around 20g/day. Now I consume about 100g/day easily maintaining.
  3. Move! Here is my actual workout routine: Walked the dog 1-2x/day = 4-5 hours/week of walking, strength training 2x/week, and sprints 1x/week.

That's it. That's all it took to lose 20, well 21, pounds and to maintain for the last 16 weeks.

Yes, I'm ecstatic with my results, but I'm so proud of myself for having the willpower and discipline to keep at it for this long.

42 days and counting until my vacation in the Riviera Maya and I want to look tighter/toned in my bikini. Tomorrow is day one of incorporating more strength training, no soda pop (not even sips of Mark's anymore), and less sweets (Paleo pudding, strawberries with sweet clotted cream, candied pecans, etc).