Thursday, August 18, 2011

Primal Beauty Perks

There are more perks to going Primal/Paleo than just in the weight/fat loss department, I’ve noticed several bizarre (awesome!) things happening to me:

Clear Skin:
Throughout last year I was having more problems with my skin than ever before: blemishes, acne, etc. I'd tried several ‘skin care’ products and nothing made much of a change, even when I washed my face 2-3 times a day. Now that I've been primal for 7 weeks, my skin hasn't ever been clearer (that I can remember). What changed? My diet. I threw out the products and only washed my face with water in the shower. It’s so nice to leave the house without make up smeared all over my face (previously used to hide dark circles = lack of sleep, pimples = gone!) to run errands. You save money and time by not using as much make up. This is worth it alone to switch to the Primal/Paleo Lifestyle. 

Perks: Clear skin, more money, & more time.

Healthy Glow:
Every day I walk the dog during my lunch, another walk after work, and try to exercise (play, sprints, etc.) outside to soak up the summer sun while I can - all without sun screen. Remember watching those beauty tipson television or reading them in magazines telling you to apply sun screenevery day (before you apply your make up of course) to avoid damage from thesun? What a load of crap. “Here buy this product and use it every day so you can buy more of this product.” Oh, OK. NOT! Do some research folks. I never wear it unless I’m going to a tropical climate near the equator, which doesn’t happen enough, and only if I have no base tan. Note: I'm referring to the majority of people - I do realize that some people have fair skin and need to protect it from the sun to avoid burn damage.
By being outside every day, I have built up a nice tan + clear skin = a healthy glow. I’ve gotten a few comments from people asking what products I use. Usually, they are surprised when I tell them I quit using products and ate a healthy diet – that’s as far as I go. If I get into the Primal/Paleo lifestyle with everyone that said something, I would still be arguing with conventional wisdom (similar to arguing with a brick wall). Again, you save money (from not using sunscreen/tanning products) and time (from the application of them.

Perks: Healthy glow, more money, & more time.

 No Cellulite:
I actually made the decision to go primal once I’d first noticed a significant increase of dimpling on my legs. I recall that day in June, sitting on the floor in the living room while my pug ran circles around me with my fingers poking at the dimples rippling my thighs in awe of them. Gross, right? When did those come?! Now I’m down 19lbs and the cellulite on my legs has disappeared. Seriously, I spend time in the shower looking for cellulite – still gone. This is what happens when you burn the fat off your body, it gets lost!  In addition to the lost cellulite: my arms are thinner, stomach is much smaller (nearly flat), breast and butt have reduced in size but that goes with the whole fat burning thing. We don't get to choose where it comes off and goes on.

Perk: Wearing a bikini with confidence.

Haven't noticed much of a change with my hair, but I’ve always had healthy hair due to a lack of dying, highlighting, treatments, burning, blow drying, or flattening it. It always air dries and I get it cut once or twice a year - that’s it.  I haven’t tried making any shampoo yet. Read Modern Paleo's blog and she has her recipe for shampoo on there that looks good. I’ll give that a try sometime and report back.

Perks: N/A 

Once you are in Ketosis, you are supposed to experience bad breath. I haven’t noticed it yet, and the husband hasn't said anything either. I brush my teeth twice a day with a specific prescription my dentist gave me so I haven't tried other 'primal' alternatives (usually a mix of coconut oil and baking soda). I will give that a go when my script runs out and again report back here. 

Perks: N/A
Body Odor:
The last thing that I have noticed is the lack of bug bites. Odd, I know. I would go on walks with friends and they would complain of the bugs bothering them (and how they forgot bug spray), while nothing was biting/landing/shitting on me. Oh, and I didn’t wear bug spray either. I’m notsure why, but it is something that I have noticed on more than one occasion. Maybe the bugs don’t like my smell anymore – fine by me. 

Perk: No bug bites.

To conclude the post, the perks of going Primal/Paleo are weight/fat loss, clear skin, more $$$, more time, healthy glow, confidence, and no bug bites. Convinced yet?


Have you noticed any odd perks of going Primal/Paleo? What’s your favorite perk?