Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Family Matters

Sorry I haven’t updated in a little while. It’s been a busy week at work, at home, trying to get a template (that I like) to work, and updating the blog with static pages (menu bar). Hope you like it! Also, I didn’t feel inspired by any topics until I had dinner with my in laws.

Questions from family & friends
Ever since I went Primal successfully, several family and friends have thought about trying it. They ask a lot of questions that get me to think and look up answers. I’m terrible at explaining things – you don’t want me to tell jokes or funny stories…it’s just bad. For some reason I can’t put stories/explanations into words successfully without getting word vomit. You don’t want that in your carpet so I send links to websites or books to explain. 

Family successes & spreading the word
The other night my Mother-in-law was telling me of her success on Paleo. She read the links I’d sent her and changed her diet/workout accordingly and lost 6-7 pounds in a few weeks. This is really great for her because she has tried so many diets over the years, until recently she would practically starve herself (600-800 calories/day + chronic cardio) just to drop 1-2 pounds in a month.  We were so proud of her and now she wants to start cooking this way for my Father-in-law – great! Now he is in great shape for his age and he is concerned with his cholesterol and eating saturated fat than losing weight. To avoid word vomit, I just told them how I’d read several examples on Paleo/Primal lowering cholesterol for many who live by the diet. I don’t find it very convincing telling someone that you read something somewhere, because you can read about Elvis being abducted by aliens, probed, and is now back among us but that doesn’t make it true. So I followed up with some links today (click here if interested).

My Mother-in-law also told me about how she is pickier with what she eats. They were just returning from a class reunion and she told me that she is now thinking more about what is available and asking herself, do I really need that or maybe I should wait and see if a better option is put out. Like comparing instant mashed potatoes out of a microwave to having Paula Dean make them for you herself with all the fixin’s (I know which option I’d choose).  I laughed as she was telling me this, because the other day my Mom was telling me about how she is pickier about the carb options she consumes. My Mom has been going as low carb as possible, not fully Paleo, but she has seen the benefits and believes it can work (lost a total of 12lbs in 6 weeks) - great results for not a full 100% effort.

How to get your family interested in Paleo/Primal
Nothing speaks louder than actions. If you would like to get your family started on the Paleo/Primal lifestyle, the best way is to lead by example. Do not approach them about what you are doing and what they should be doing. No one wants someone else’s beliefs shoved down their throat. People want to make their own decisions. Wait for them to come to you – trust me, if they care about their health they will come.

How are you doing with Paleo/Primal? Has your family questioned your “diet?” Do you try to get them onboard?