Friday, September 9, 2011

Beautiful Morning...

It's rare to wake up to mornings like this. Gorgeous sunrise, perfect temperature, and it's FRIDAY! Wish I could just lay in bed and enjoy, but alas, I must get up and walk Gizmo before work.

The scale reads: 134.5lbs (again, don't remember the last time my weight was that low...early college or late high school).  The problem is now that I need a new wardrobe because now all of my clothes are too big. Not a terrible problem to have, but I don't have hundreds of dollars laying around for a new wardrobe either.

Note: Sorry for the lines (screens on the window).
He enjoyed the walk this morning too.

Plans for the weekend? I'm watching football, catching up on shows from the week, playing video games, running Gizmo around the neighborhood, making paleo cuisine, and just enjoying life.

Which college football team are you cheering for this season?

Here is a hint. :)

Go Bucks! And go Hawks (he doesn't have a jersey for them).