Monday, September 26, 2011

The Science Behind How Paleo Works

Have you seen Dr. Robert Lustig's speech on Sugar: The Bitter Truth? It's quite long, but worth it. It explains the science behind why low carb diets work for the majority of people. Be sure your brains are turned on (coffee) before you watch or you will doze off like I did the first time.

It's refreshing to hear why Paleo/Primal work in relation to chemicals and hormones in our body rather than "it's how the caveman ate." You will win a lot more arguments with those influenced by Conventional Wisdom and be able to convince more people to try Paleo if you can explain the scientific background.

If you feel like snoozing through your Monday or want to clarify some points in the speech, see below:

  • Eating low carb will lower insulin (hormone released to regulate carbs).
  • When insulin is low, you will not crave carbs (not as hungry) and have better leptin sensitivity.
  • Insulin blocks leptin, thus making you feel hungry when you body is not (example: eat Chinese Food, you will be "hungry" 1-2 hours later).
  • Lepin regulates hunger and energy - so by being more leptin sensitive you will be able to better control your appetite and have increased energy with less insulin.

Hopefully, the video will help you to better explain why Paleo/Primal works without referencing our ancestors (ensuing rolling eyes and saber tooth tiger comments).

Have a good Monday!