Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day two begins with a picnic

Today US Wellness is donating a whole cow to the winner of this challenge! That's awesome - except I have no storage space for a cow, dead or alive. :-P

Have you heard of US Wellness meats? They sell only grass fed products for a great price and ship it right to your door. You must order a minimum of $75.00 of product to purchase, which I'm still trying to convince my husband about. I really want to try Pemmican (like a primal candy bar, but with meat). ;-)

"The winners will receive sirloin, brisket, short ribs, back ribs, rib-eye steaks, T-bone steaks, NY strip steaks, Delmonico steaks, filets, bottom round roasts, center cut roasts, chuck, tongue, liver, heart, kidney, beef tallow, marrow bones, beef stock, and an oxtail."

Since the prize has raised the stakes, the challenge can't fall short. Somehow I need to gather eight friends and have a primal food picnic with a fun primal activity. Yowza! I don't even have 8 primal friends (that live in Iowa). May need to involve the family for this one!

Luckily, the submission isn't due until October 3rd...I can do this. :) 

Are you up for the challenge? Any primal 'activity' ideas? So far all I got is climbing a tree or beating my brothers with sticks.