Thursday, September 1, 2011

Autumn is Coming

OK so that’s not as powerful as the Game of Thrones version, but I couldn’t help myself.

Fall has always been my favorite season in the past. The smells, warm cider, spice candles, pumpkin and apple pie, the sound of crunching leaves, the colors, Halloween movies and parties, football games, the holiday drinks that come out at coffee places, need I go on? As you can see I’m a big fan of autumn. 

This year I have mixed feelings since going Paleo/Primal. I’ve been spoiled by fresh foods from over the summer, which now will be more expensive to get through the fall and winter. The farmer’s markets pack up to hibernate until next spring, it cools down to make exercise outside more uncomfortable (ugh snow eventually), and the holidays are coming to bring treats and excuses. 

Fall will be a challenge, but let’s take it on head first. Enjoy the season, but know how to: smell the candles, drink some homemade cider, go to the parties (eat before), watch scary movies, admire the leaves, and maybe have a sliver of apple/pumpkin pie over the holiday. Watch for Paleo/Primal versions of some favorite fall treats....(hint: hot, yet cold and warm, yet crisp). :)

Personal update: Still down 19lbs since my peak weight. I’ve been at 136 for a few weeks now so maybe this is my optimal weight since it takes no effort to maintain. 

Any guesses?