Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Progress Update...

I’m 11 days successfully into Paleo and I’m feeling great! Not much has changed with the physical appearance since I last posted: 144lbs and look about the same – I should’ve taken measurements! Maintaining is a good thing. :o) Perhaps this is my optimal weight and now I just need to do more lifting for muscle toning/definition.

The recipes I’ve been making from my Everyday Paleo cookbook are delicious! My favorites so far are the Egg Cupcakes and Italian Pork Sausage Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Bacon (aka Meat Candy = AMAZING). Tonight I will make Stuffed Bell (yellow & orange) Peppers. That’s what makes this ‘diet’ so easy – the great food. 

Last night we had take-out Chinese, which is still doable if you are on Paleo. I had Mongolian Beef with no rice or noodles. It came with tons of onions and sodium, but I tried to incorporate a good amount of vegetables. 

Lunches at work are the most difficult. There are two options: Packaged tuna w/salad or chicken breast w/salad. Yup it’s getting old into my second week. You can only change up the salad so many ways in a cafeteria that doesn’t have much veggie selection (and probably not the most nutritious vegetables either). I’ll probably start bringing in a lunch, which means full hands and arms on the bus and less leftover dinners. :o(

Things I need to improve on:
  1. Eat more vegetables @ lunch and dinner.
  2. Get more sleep - Goal = 8 hours. 
  3.  Incorporate more exercise every week – Goal = more lifting.
Things I’m doing well on:
  1. Zero Cheating: No grains, No Processed Crap & No Dairy = yay!
  2. Roaming: 2 walks/daily with Gizmo (45 – 90 minutes/day) and weekly sprints.
  3. Playing: Boating, Swimming, Running around barefoot with Gizmo and having a blast!
  4. Cooking healthy meals. 
  5. Not relying heavily on the scale or losing faith with slow progress.
EDIT: Did some research. I need to lower my sugar and carb intake to continue to loose weight 'like magic.'