Monday, July 25, 2011

Primal on the Road

Early last week my husband’s Uncle suddenly passed away. Luckily, we were both able to get away from our jobs/clinic to drive to Ohio for the Funeral on Friday morning. That is a 9 hour drive from Iowa if you don’t make any stops…including for gas. Needless to say it was an easy 10-12 hour drive if you need to eat, get gas, or use the restroom. Did I mention it was all done it two days? Ugh, I’m done with cars for a while! Road trips aren’t the easiest to be primal on. Most fast food caters to ‘American comfort food’ – mostly junk. It was very difficult and I did cheat a few times, but overall not too bad:

Thursday meal plan breakdown-
Coffee with 1 egg and 2 sausages. 100% Primal
Arby’s Beef and cheddar (ate mostly the beef) and a couple drinks of Mark’s Jamocha shake. 90% Primal
Applebee’s BLT salad (had small bites of fried mozzarella on the plate – ate 2 pieces). 95% Primal
Dessert – opps!
Mark’s Dad took me to a famous place to get homemade ice cream in Ohio = AMAZING! I had 1 scoop of some peanut butter oatmeal cookie orgasm in my mouth ice cream…mmmm. The Ice Cream Queen backs down from no challenge. 0% Primal
Friday meal plan breakdown-
Coffee with fruit and a 3 egg garden omelet from a breakfast restaurant (like Perkins, but can’t remember the name). 100% Primal
1st Lunch
Frisch’s Chicken salad…and their homemade strawberry pie (soooooo good!). Shared the pie with Mark = 80% Primal
2nd Lunch? Afternoon snack?
2 small White Castle Burgers (YUM!) 0% Primal
Seafood Bouillabaisse from a delicious restaurant in the Quad Cities (The Boat House). Also, a glass of Riesling. 100% Primal :)

Did my best, but it is difficult when most places do not cater to my eating style, you are going to places you can’t eat at in the Midwest (= rare & fun),  and you are on the road all day with people that are going through a difficult time from losing a loved one. 

Saturday morning the scale read 139.8lbs -  I was up 2lbs. This did not upset me like it normally would. I knew I didn’t, and in some cases couldn’t, always make the best choice but this is a lifestyle. I knew I could easily pick right back up where I left off and I was right. This morning I’m down to 139.0lbs - almost a pound of my ‘travel weight’ gone.

EDIT: A great email update I just received from Mark Sission's Daily Apple sums up this post perfectly:

Just realize that the Primal Laws aren't enforced by pain of death or injury. They are guidelines - solid guidelines that you should follow for optimum health - but they aren't uncompromising. You aren't living in the Edenic grasslands of Eastern Africa. It's not a Primal paradise out there. You aren't actually Grok. If you mess up and eat a piece of bread or accidentally run a marathon, it's totally fine and even expected! We all make momentary compromises in life. Hell, part of being human is "messing up" and rolling with the punches. To deny that basic inherency in pursuit of absolute 100% unrealistic perfection can actually be worse than giving in occasionally.

Don't panic! Relax, and remember that an unofficial Primal precept is the 80/20 principle. 100% is great and all, but not everyone can, or even wants to, achieve it. Going 80% of the way is pretty damn good, and anything is better than 100% SAD. You might even say that compromise is part of the Primal Blueprint.

Life is good.