Monday, July 11, 2011

Drinking and Paleo don’t mix

Well that was a fun and rough weekend…or at least the parts of it that I remember were. Friday night was a nice and quiet date night in with Mark: Dinner and a movie. Saturday went shopping at the Farmers Market with my Mom. Also, made a trip to see the house she and my step-father, Greg, are building. It’s coming along GREAT:

Saturday night went out for my friends “Moving to Colorado” party. From what I do remember, it was a blast! I had 3 glasses of red wine and 1 whiskey water. I went from 0 to 60 – gee I don’t even feel a buzz to I love you bar toilet. Nasty. REALLY wish I had stayed sober enough to party with my friends all night. :( I spent my last hour and a half in a bathroom stall (mind you this is at 9:30 – 11:00 so it’s not like I partied till 4). Bummer. I remember trying to sober up so I could join in with everyone, but it wasn’t working. Luckily my husband got off work and came to get me – I wasn’t sure if I could’ve left the toilet long enough for him to get me home. But he did. His reward = I puke all down his back in bed, but I remembered to spit in the garbage can he left out on the side of the bed for me when I was done. :) Poor guy, but he takes care of me and I love him!

Lesson learned at the end of the day: If you are planning on drinking, eat the crust of the pizza. Something needs to absorb the alcohol and a chicken breast, salad, guacamole, and plantains will not do it. Or drink less, like 1 drink. Ugh – seriously learned this lesson. So glad my friends all still had a good time! 

Other Paleo updates: This morning the scale read 141.8lbs = 13.2lbs gone. I probably would’ve lost more if I didn’t get so wasted Saturday and had a Nutri-grain bar Sunday for lunch (trying to keep food down). That’s one cheat I don’t regret due to extenuating circumstances. Today will be a strength training day. The 1st was last Thursday (not bad). I need to get in 2/week so I think I’ll make that Monday’s and Thursday’s. I’ll do sprints on Saturday’s and the rest of the week walk/hike/bike. 

Will let you know how it goes. Wish I could say I feel great and strong here, but I can’t since I think I’m still hung over. Again, lesson truly learned.