Monday, July 18, 2011

Our messed up system

Why is it so difficult to try to be healthy? When I was in college, and eating whatever I wanted + not exercising, I noticed that I was putting on weight. Because I was in my early 20s and 5’8, my body could handle a few extra pounds without affecting my clothing size much so people didn’t notice. I felt self-conscious in a swimsuit though and didn’t wear one much or at least without a cover up. After a couple years of not being outside enjoying the summer fun activities I decided to get into shape. I had the motivation and the willpower, but not the knowledge and I had no clue where to start looking. 

Victoria’s Secret Models – they look great and that’s how I wanted to look. I would NEVER feel self-conscious in a swimsuit if I looked like Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio or Giselle. I Googled their diets = nothing. I Googled their exercise routine = nothing. I figured they probably just ate really healthy like salad, fish, and fruit. They probably exercise everyday….I heard running is good and can make you lean. That was my plan. No junk, just raw foods and running for…well, I didn’t really have a time frame so as long as it took to look like them. I got two days into it before I called it quits, but that’s no surprise since I set myself up for failure. There’s no way that taking a 30 minute jog and eating raw fruits and veggies was going to get me as toned as those models. Hello, they were super models. They have personal trainers, chefs, and money to purchase all the fancy high end state of the art cosmetics, spa treatments, lotions, you name it….oh, and it’s their JOB to look amazing. Meanwhile, I’m a full-time college student that has a part-time job and studies in her spare time. I live with my parents (private school = $$$$ + crappy room/board) that were not eating the same way I was so there was always less healthy options in the house to tempt me and my Mom’s home cooked meals every night didn’t help = though they were delicious!

Trying to get healthy and fit fell to the back burner when I got busy with my studies, work, planning my wedding, trying to find a job after graduation, and moving to a new city with my husband. I didn’t know how and I knew that what I had tried with the VS models probably wasn’t the right thing to do anyway. I’d do more research on it later.

Fast forward a couple years and add on 15lbs and that’s where I was trying out diets with my girlfriends (see first post). I knew that when my work clothes were starting not to fit that I needed to figure it out. Thank goodness for Dorey introducing me to the Paleo/Primal diet – I’m more Primal now than Paleo (eat aged cheese, dark chocolate, heavy cream, butter, and drink red wine). From there I was able to find other blogs/websites to give me the tools I was looking for years ago when I first tried to be healthy. Conventional Wisdom (CW) was preventing me from finding these truths. The internet, libraries, and media are full of garbage weight loss tips and tricks that don’t work, or if they do it is short-term. 

Now I get my daily Primal Blueprint newsletter, check out my favorite blogs, and go to my Paleo cookbook for inspiration and motivation. By this Saturday, I will have been Paleo/Primal for one month and so far it feels great. The scale read 138.6lbs (loss of 16.4lbs) in a little over 3 weeks. My husband and I have noticed several changes in my body. Yesterday I was sitting on the couch and noticed that my thighs looked lean…….that’s insane because my thighs have never been lean (they always just touched at the top), until now. :o) I have more energy to be productive at home and at work. My face has also cleared up – there are no pimples/zits as there have been for several months (since I went off the pill and no I’m not trying to get prego, just using a different method). My acne had significantly increased since I went off the pill, but within the past week my face is completely clear. Mark, my husband who’s in medical school, says that carbs don’t affect pimples/zits/blemishes so that they aren’t related. Who knows, but I haven’t done anything else (facial cleansers, etc.) and I have been off the pill for 6+ months. Oh well, I’ll just keep on keepin’ on and see how this goes.

Any one that asks me about my diet, or compliments and questions my body, I tell about Paleo/Primal. I will not force my lifestyle on anyone, but I will tell those that I care about what options there are if they ask because I wish I had this information years ago. The proof is in the pudding (see results above). Spread the good news.


P.S. I’m starting to look like a VS model in my swimsuits (not as thin, but definitely more toned) – wahoo!! Beach fun here I come!