Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Primal Evening…and a great start to the morning.

Yesterday was kinda rough. Brother didn’t do as well as he would’ve liked on his ASVAB score, husband didn’t do as well as he would’ve liked on his Step 1 Med school Board score, and I was having a VERY difficult time not to eat pastries, skittles, and the ice cream in my freezer. I satisfied myself with some roasted almonds, frozen fruit, with almond milk poured over it (like a cereal dessert – yum!), gave my husband a hug and told him that Gizmo and I still love him, and told my brother that he can take it again if he isn’t happy but I think he did well and he is looking into his options.

It was such a nice evening; I decided to take Gizmo for an hour long walk….barefoot. After I read this article on Mark’s Daily Blog I decided, why not? We live in a nice suburban area with walking trails, but there is a hidden maze of trails that aren’t paved just mowed grass through an old golf course field. It’s perfect for walking barefoot and getting in my sprints on uneven soft terrain. I also found a tree that some of the neighborhood kids must climb frequently (wooden boards nailed into the trunk). I think it would be fun to climb, but maybe that’s the 7 year old in me. I used to climb trees all the time with my cats, always trying to get higher than them. Perhaps this weekend I’ll give it a go. If I don’t blog for more than a week you’ll know I’ve fallen and broken something.
After the walk I felt really great. Giz and I were full of energy and didn’t want to go home, but I had to shower and it was his bedtime. :)

When I was prepping the shower I remembered another article I read the other day on how we are pampered with hot showers and I turned the dial to cold. It felt AMAZING. I was feeling pretty warm after our long trek and a hot shower sounded gross actually so I gave it a try and highly recommend it if you haven’t. It reminded me of Mexico actually. We go to a resort that has the largest spa in the Western Hemisphere (Aventura Palace) and it has a giant Hydrotherapy spa area that you prep in before your massage/scrub/etc. There are 3 “hot” baths that are treated, scented, and they have jets so they massage you all overlooking the pool/entertainment area of the resort below so you could still see what was going on outside, not to mention the ocean. Basically, it’s HEAVEN and I can’t wait to go back this December. Anyway, there are a set of rules with the baths to be in each one like 30 minutes or something, but I ignored them and just did what I want. The 1st bath is warm and bubbly, the 2nd is cool and refreshing w/a mini waterfall, and the 3rd is hot but feels soooo good. It’s funny because I spent the most time in the cool bath. People looked at me like I was CrAzY, but it just felt really good. That was what the cold shower reminded me of. Still with me after that ridiculously long explanation? Good.

This morning I woke up, stepped on the scale and squealed. 139.6lbs. Again, I haven’t been in the 130’s since early college late high school. I did a jig and Mark came to see what was wrong with me. This is just remarkable. Down 15.4 pounds, feel great, looking better, and it’s kinda fun! What more could I ask for?? Oh, I know. Shoes:

Wish me luck on convincing Mark to get me some Vibram FiveFinger so Gizmo and I can trek further on rougher terrain. :)