Monday, November 14, 2011

Is Paleo a diet or not?

Paleo is confusing for people. At first glance, the concept of eating like our paleolithic ancestors is so different from our norm. The norm being what the media and money driven companies have created over the past few decades.

Confused people come online for answers and can easily find their way into more confusion. I did. Once site would say to eat this, another that. Work out like this or try it like that. Paleo is a diet, no Paleo is NOT a diet. Wait a minute. What the heck am I supposed to do?!

Is Paleo a diet?
Yes and no. Yes, as in the technical sense that the actual word "diet" means in relation to food. When Paleo bloggers/writers stress that it isn't a diet we mean that it isn't a "fad diet." A fad diet is something we hear about a celebrity doing to lose a large amount of weight quickly that everyone tries for a week or two before they are on to the next fad diet.

How do I "go Paleo?"
Make Paleo choices. Choose to eat more meat, vegetables, fruit, and fat. Choose to not eat grains and legumes. Choose to go for a walk this afternoon. Choose to get an extra hour of sleep tonight instead of watching that reality show you don't really care for.

Choose to feel better, because you will.