Friday, November 18, 2011

An encouraging email...

Last night I received an email from someone who follows my blog, thanking me for writing about Paleo/Primal and how she is doing following the lifestyle. Thank you for your email - it is encouraging to know people are actually reading my blog and that I'm not just writing for my Mom (Hi Mom!) and friends.

24 Days until the Riviera Maya and I'm not doing as well on my strength training as I would've liked.

Here's why:
Mark (husband) is currently on a surgery rotation in medical school. He works 18 hour days - everyday - with an occasional day off. This means that on top of my full time job and taking care of Gizmo, I need to do everything else from paying the bills, to cleaning, cooking, errands, etc. Because all he can do is eat, sleep, find time to study, and work. This doesn't leave much time to exercise so I've been strict with my diet, because I gotta eat!

I just spent the past 3 weeks prepping and interviewing for my Dream Job - and I got it!!!! So I've been very stressed with that, not to mention I was asked to interview for another position so I had a total of 5 interviews in a couple weeks.

Since I haven't been exercising as much, being strict with food and under a lot of stress I'm weighing in at 133lbs and my clothes are falling off. I need to go shopping this weekend (darn!). I'm not skinny fat, just skinny skinny. I need to get some workouts in now that Mark will be done with a crazy surgery rotation and I landed my perfect job. Wahoo!!